Is there such a thing as a social media expert?

I posted this question across various Linkedin Franchise Groups, Social Media and E-marketing groups, and within the LinkedIn Q & A section.

Of course, I shared my initial thoughts…

“In my opinion, there is no such thing as a social media expert. How can one be an expert within something that is changing every day?

Besides, social media is a communications tool and as such, must be integrated within traditional processes and methods. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. At best, an individual can be considered an expert in utilizing social media within a specific industry segment or for a particular purpose (ie – fund raising).”

…and also provided some additional clarification.

“I do profess to be quite proficient in franchising and I just happen to have focused my attention on utilizing social media within the franchise environment.

To me, while it’s important to continue to hone my skills within social media, my real focus, and expertise if you will, is in integrating social technology within traditional marketing and development processes within franchising, and in accordance with the legal parameters of franchising including disclosure and FPRs, and in keeping the franchise relationship in mind.

The same can be said of email and mobile technology. The key is in how these technologies can be integrated within traditional processes, and sometimes with each other, to enhance messages, improve reach, and increase marketing efficiencies… and within franchising.”

Care to share your thoughts?

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