Are Your B2B Social Media Efforts Making You Blue?

As many franchise executives continue to express doubt and frustration as a result of their unsuccessful efforts to utilize social media effectively for B2B purposes, the ideal social network is right under their noses, and one where most of them already have a presence. I’m talking about LinkedIn.

Now, I’ll be the first to agree that Linkedin could be improved in many areas, but from the standpoint of achieving B2B objectives with social media, I believe LinkedIn is the place to be.

To that end, below please find several articles about how and why LinkediIn should be your go-to social network when your objectives are purely B2B based.

4 Proven Ways For Generating Business Leads On LinkedIn
from Lead Views

Considering LinkedIn is so popular and so effective when it comes to B2B lead generation, at LeadFormix we tried to research and find out, what kind of activities within LinkedIn help with lead generation. The research is based on visitor data collected across websites of 289 B2B clients of LeadFormix. All of them have some kind of presence on LinkedIn, it could be an employee profile or company profile or some group activity. In this post I will not discuss the report, but how B2B marketers can use the findings of this report to improve their lead generation efforts on LinkedIn. READ MORE

LinkedIn’s Mario Sundar on getting the most out of your network
from SmartBlog on Social Media

Mario Sundar is LinkedIn’s first social media expert. Having been with the company since 2007, you could argue that no one is more knowledgeable than Sundar about LinkedIn, and the ways that it can be used by busy professionals. I recently asked Sundar a few questions in hopes of gleaning some of his knowledge. READ MORE

5 LinkedIn Business Goals
from Heidi Cohen

LinkedIn isn’t top of mind when marketers discuss social media marketing. Yet unlike other forms of social media marketing, LinkedIn can help achieve business goals effectively in a business environment that doesn’t require expensive content marketing and advertising to get noticed. READ MORE

Which Social Network is Right For B2B Marketing?
from Digital B2B Marketing

When you consider what social networks can become key marketing channels for your business, there isn’t one right answer. Take a quick look at the very different sharing patterns of the three sites below. READ MORE

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