Franchise Today is on a Roll Towards it 6th Year on the Air!

Franchise TodayFranchise Today is back and stronger than ever as it marches towards its 6th year on the air. After a period of organizational change and subsequent transition back to Franchise Foundry, I’m back as show host. And, I couldn’t be happier as Franchise Today continues its focus on best practices in franchising and, along with my personal blog, FranchisEssentials both are truly resources for franchise professionals.

For the first show back, my guest was Mary Kennedy Thompson, President of Mr. Rooter Plumbing and Executive Vice President of The Dwyer Group. To listen to the show please click HERE.

Below please find recap and links to a few more recent shows on Franchise Today:

Sipping & Painting to World-class Franchise Success

In this segment of Franchise Today our guests were co-founders of Pinot’s Palette, Charles Willis and Craig Ceccanti. I was traveling that day so franchise veteran, Stan Friedman filled in fantastically as special guest host. The discussion focused on how these co-founders started their “sip and paint” brand at the height of tough economic times and how it has successfully grown to a world-class franchise brand despite being a relatively new industry segment and entertainment option while competing against a multitude of copycat brands.

Better Together by Engagement

For this segment I welcomed as my guest, Evan Hackel, CEO of Ingage Consulting. Evan and I are both members of the International Franchise Association’s Franchise Relations Committee, so we focused on the franchise relationship and how engagement is the driving force in creating franchise brands that are “Better Together.”

Women in Franchising

I was joined by Mary Ann O’Connell in this segment of Franchise Today. Mary Ann is the Founder of FranWise, a full-service franchise-consulting firm, specializing in strategic planning, operations, documentation and compliance. Women in Franchising was the topic of discussion and we paralleled Mary Ann’s long career in franchising from franchisee to franchise corporate executive to business owner providing guidance and support to the franchise community.

Satisfaction & Validation – Key Components to Franchise Success

Our first two months back on the air was wrapped up with a great show that focused on franchisee satisfaction and validation and how they ultimately combine for franchise success. My guest was Michelle Rowan, President of Franchise BusinessREVIEW as we dove into the pitfalls that franchisors may face that slow down or even prevent growth and brand success. We also discussed recent reports by Franchise BusinessREVIEW on emerging brands and in celebration of Veterans Day a peak into their recent editorial, Vet Report

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