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Meet the small business owners who pivoted to digital-first offerings – and thrived during lockdown

When the pandemic first hit, small businesses had to quickly come to terms with the “new normal,” be it social distancing regulations, implemented capacity limits, or forced lockdowns. While 2020 was a challenging time for all, some small business owners found ways to show their creativity, resilience and adaptability in the midst of the pandemic. Read more.

Please remember that many small businesses and restaurants are franchises owned by a single person. So, please keep that in mind during the upcoming #SmallBusinessSaturday which is put on annually by American Express the day after Black Friday. And, if AMEX hasn’t allowed a particular franchise into the program (yes, there are still limitations for franchises in Small Business Saturday rules) please shop or dine there anyway. It’s important we support small business and franchising at all levels and everywhere as we continue to fight through the effects of COVID. #shopsmall #dinesmall #shoplocal #shopfranchise #dinelocal #dinefranchise

SCORE topics: Is the time right for business ownership?

In the midst of all the uncertainties that have characterized the business and finance world in 2020, one of my biggest surprises has been the increasing number of people seeking out advice on franchised business ownership as a career option.

In addition to their desire to explore creative business opportunities, many of my clients have been motivated by a wish for greater control of their financial security in their work and professional lives but they are also concerned about the inherent risks of business ownership. As I explore the risk/opportunity balance with prospective franchisees, these are some of the factors we discuss regarding how to minimize the risk side of the opportunity equation. Read more.

How to Support the Woman Entrepreneur in Your Life

Women entrepreneurs are all around you, despite facing a myriad of challenges.

Challenges such as pay inequity or having a tougher time receiving traditional loans40 percent of new entrepreneurs each year are women. In fact, it’s often the fact that women want the chance for better income the serves as the impetus for starting a small business.

How can you provide small business support to support these scrappy entrepreneurs seeking to beat the odds? This article enumerates ways to offer real support to female entrepreneurs, be they family members, friends, or owners of small businesses you frequent. Read more.

3 Tips for Solopreneurs to Stay Ahead in a Constantly Changing World

Sodan Selva was on the fast track early in his career. He went to grad school, studied economic development and landed a job in investment banking.

But his dream wasn’t to be an investment banker. His dream, from the time he was 9, was to be a musician. So he saved up his money as an investment banker, then quit his job and struck out on his own. It’s the stuff legends are made of—the young and passionate dreamer turning his back on the cushy and safe but also stuffy and boring desk job to carve his own path, to follow the road less traveled, to chase the muse that had grown in his heart since he was a young boy.  

Two decades later, Selva’s analysis of this first bold move of his career is succinct: “That was my first majorly failed entrepreneurial adventure. It was all passion, no product market fit.” Read more.

10 Business Skills for 2021 That You Can Master on Weekends

In business, you should always be growing. And part of that is learning new skills and trends that are happening in your industry. It’s hard to find time for professional development but with early Black Friday deals on courses in the Entrepreneur Store, you might be able to work something out. Learn more.

Are you ready to own your own business?

Small business and restaurant resales are on the rise making it an excellent time to consider owning your own business brokerage office. National broker firm offers:- Executive business opportunity- Low initial investment from $25k- Various profit centers- Excellent commissions- Growing database of buyers, businesses & franchises- Initial training, marketing assistance and on-going support- Network of 70+ offices throughout the U.S. and abroad- Brand founded in 1981. Learn more.

Bilingualism in Business: 6 Ways To Improve Your Spanish Proficiency

Being bilingual offers many professional advantages. Regardless of your native language, learning another language can give you a competitive edge in the business world.

Spanish, in particular, is useful. For instance, with more than 52 million native and Spanish-language speakers, America is now the second-largest Spanish-speaking population in the world after Mexico.

U.S. based organizations that don’t communicate in Spanish are overlooking a significant audience of multicultural consumers. How significant? U.S. Hispanic buying power is now greater than the gross domestic product of Mexico. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that a growing number of professionals are eager to learn Spanish for business purposes. Learn more.

Acceler8Success Group has achieved success in many aspects of small business and franchising. Widely recognized as industry leaders and influencers, Acceler8Success Group leadership have extensive experience as entrepreneurs in small business and restaurants, as senior-level executives within nationally recognized brands, and as franchisees within successful franchise systems. Learn more.

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