Acceler8Success Cafe Weekly Recap 11.22.20

Today’s edition of Acceler8Success Cafe for Sunday 11.22.20 is our Weekly Recap where we share links to each day’s newsletter from the previous week and a preview of that day’s most popular shared article. We’re pleased to report that the relaunch of Acceler8Success Cafe has been a success as evident by the increasing numbers in views on and shares from our site, across social media and from the many messages received. Thank you to all our readers and previous and new subscribers for helping to put Acceler8Success Cafe on the road to success!

Monday 11.16.20

How Being An Entrepreneur Outside of Your Business Life Creates Success

You can find entrepreneurs in everyday people, the kind of people you see at the grocery store, and in your neighborhoods. Everyone has entrepreneurship inside of them; it’s just how they use it. Some of these people create opportunities for their business, and others create opportunities for their life. Very few people can do both.  

David Baker is one of the people who live an equally exciting business and personal life. An author, speaker, and advisor of entrepreneurial experts, this guest on Making Bank is a successful man who launched a 25-year career of advising experts in their fields. Being called the “experts’ expert,” Baker is here to discuss how his life is just as exciting outside of his work life, how when you get caught up in current success it can cause damage. Read more.

Tuesday 11.17.20

3 Tips for Solopreneurs to Stay Ahead in a Constantly Changing World

Sodan Selva was on the fast track early in his career. He went to grad school, studied economic development and landed a job in investment banking.

But his dream wasn’t to be an investment banker. His dream, from the time he was 9, was to be a musician. So he saved up his money as an investment banker, then quit his job and struck out on his own. It’s the stuff legends are made of—the young and passionate dreamer turning his back on the cushy and safe but also stuffy and boring desk job to carve his own path, to follow the road less traveled, to chase the muse that had grown in his heart since he was a young boy.  

Two decades later, Selva’s analysis of this first bold move of his career is succinct: “That was my first majorly failed entrepreneurial adventure. It was all passion, no product market fit.” Read more.

Wednesday 11.18.20

This Is An Entrepreneurs Surefire Weapon Against Burnout

Entrepreneurs are responsible for forging their paths forward in business, but that can lead to burnout, fast.

The best way for entrepreneurs to fight against burnout is by developing emotional intelligence. Here are a few ways this commonly misunderstood soft skill will help protect your mental health and transform your day-to-day. Developing emotional intelligence will help you… Read more.

Thursday 11.19.20 Special Franchising Edition

6 Ways Being in a Franchise System Helped Me Survive Covid-19

Want to know one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made as a small business owner? Whether or not to become a franchisor and turn my brand into a franchise system. Turning Code Wiz into a franchise system came with many hard moments that challenged me as an entrepreneur. But becoming a franchise system has also rewarded me in ways I could have never even imagined. The other thing I could have never imagined? Living through a global pandemic as a business owner and leader. 

But here I am. The proud owner of a franchise business and a survivor of 8-months of Covid-19 and the health and economic impacts it created. I am grateful every day – for both the health of my family and that I turned my business into a franchise. Because turning my business into a franchise system helped it survive Covid-19. Read more.

Friday 11.20.20

How we can revive entrepreneurial courage in America

Thirty years ago, Fortune Magazine ran a story proclaiming much hope and optimism that our nation was in “a golden age for entrepreneurs” that makes these “the best of times for launching a business in the U.S.

The evidence in 1990 was clear: Our economy was expanding, with new opportunities for new-starts. Personal capital was plentiful. And the power of the computer had leveled the playing field for the smallest of businesses. Read more.

Saturday 11.21.20

What Does Entrepreneurial Freedom Mean to You?

For many people, one of the main motivations behind starting their own business is the idea of the freedom it represents. In many ways, this is quite a bizarre concept because most of the small business owners I know are also some of the hardest working people I know. Despite this, I know very few who, once they have made the leap, would go back to the 9 to 5.

Entrepreneurial freedom is about so much more than escaping the same old, same old of the working day. It’s about being the master of your own destiny and reaping the rewards of your own endeavours. Read more.

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