Acceler8Success Cafe Wednesday 11.25.20

Entrepreneurship Skills Can Last A Lifetime

When it comes to adapting to the ever-changing and complex world of work we currently inhabit, the qualities of entrepreneurs are probably up there. After all, to cope with the demands of startup life, entrepreneurs often have to be open-minded, confident, creative, determined, and disciplined, all of which are qualities that are valuable in whatever form of life we find ourselves.

It’s perhaps no surprise, therefore that there is a growing interest in developing entrepreneurship skills in young people, with a number of platforms available for youngsters to put their skills to the test. Read more.

How Generation Z Is Altering the Face of Entrepreneurship for Good

For the longest time, my generation, the Millenials, were touted as the Entrepreneurial generation. For the most part, we have lived up to the billing. However, as the world evolves, the art of business evolves with it, and it turns out that Generation Z has more to do with this evolution than many care to admit. 

Generation Z entrepreneurs are springing forth at such a startling rate that a recent Gallup Student Poll found that 40 percent of students surveyed from grades five to 12 stated they wanted to run their own business. Then, 24 percent said they have already started. At this rate, it isn’t at all challenging to see Generation Z take over as the most Entrepreneurial Generation. Read more.

As you’re shopping on November 28th #SmallBusinessSaturday please remember that some of your neighbors may own local franchises and as such, are #smallbusiness owners just the same as local Mom & Pop owned businesses. So, #shopsmall #shoplocal and #shopfranchise as you can. Thank you!

Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses Are Vital to Our Economy and We Must Nurture Both

Urban entrepreneurs and small businesses may originate and operate differently. But for each to flourish, they require resources and professional expertise that increasingly are not evenly applied. Yet, both are vital to Main Streets, neighborhoods and the financial revitalization of cities.

Far too often, the resources needed to foster hubs of activity focus more on tech startups than the more traditional small businesses like coffee shops, cleaners and hair salons.

But small businesses need nurturing, too, given their significance to national and local economies —  two-thirds of new jobs and 44 percent of U.S. economic activity. Read more.

The Launch: Shining A Spotlight On Female Entrepreneurs

Until recently, the entrepreneurial field was typically reserved for the male gender, but it has increasingly been infiltrated by strong, fearless, and intelligent women in recent years. The Launch is a PR business and coaching company with the sole mission of shining a spotlight on these enterprising women through the power of publicity.

Led by award-winning PR mogul Lynn Mooney, The Launch was created with the female entrepreneur and startup in mind. The brand takes Mooney’s decade of industry experience and creates DIY PR digital products for those businesses who want to get the word out but lack the big agency budgets. Read more.

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