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Tony Hsieh, entrepreneur who made Zappos an online retail giant, dies at 46

Tony Hsieh, an e-commerce entrepreneur who built Zappos into an online shoe and clothing retail giant and became an influential figure in technology and management circles, before stepping down as chief executive in August, died Nov. 27. He was 46. His death was announced in a statement by Zappos chief executive Kedar Deshpande. Read more.

4 Strategic Business Lessons From Entrepreneurs Who Run Their Business Completely Online

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has already brought enormous change in the way we do business. Millions of people are forced to run their business completely online, working from home. Of course change is inevitable in business, things change in time; but the pandemic made it compulsory to adapt to a new reality, to survive. Even after several months, the future still looks uncertain; the only thing we can be sure of at the moment is, doing business online.

Right now, for any entrepreneur, the main emphasis should be on sharpening the digital business strategies. Here, four entrepreneurs from different countries and different sectors share their experience and a lesson they’ve learned while running their completely online businesses. Read more.

Faces of Entrepreneurship: Melisse Shaban, Virtue

What does “entrepreneurship” mean to you?
Melisse Shaban: To me, entrepreneurship is having a vision, something you see potential and opportunity in, or recognizing an unmet need or a better solution to a problem. Like an extreme sport, serial entrepreneurs love a challenge and embrace risk. It’s the rush of doing something that hasn’t been done in the way you think it can be done and living with the consequences. There’s no 9 to 5, there’s no “it’s just a job.” There’s no “it’s a living.” It’s a passion, almost a compulsion. It gets inside you. The only way to get it out is by exercising that opportunity. Read more.

If you’re looking for a business lending source to help finance your start-up or manage your future wealth, contact us today. Benetrends Financial, a pioneer in the industry, has helped thousands of potential small business owners like yourself secure funding over the past 35 years. Learn more.

How Entrepreneurs Think About Debt

In the 20 years I’ve been covering entrepreneurs and trying to better understand why some businesses succeed and others fail, few things have surprised me more than the realization that many owners routinely sign personally for loans, explicitly putting their homes at risk. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who didn’t know this. In fact, I’m confident there are spouses of business owners who don’t realize how widespread (or close to home) this practice may be. At Forbes and The New York Times I worked with very smart business journalists who believe that those who work on Wall Street or in venture-backed startups take great financial risk — even though it’s generally with other people’s money — without fully appreciating the risks taken by everyday business owners. Read more.

10 Apps to Help New Entrepreneurs, Still at Black Friday Pricing

Technology can make life easier for entrepreneurs, especially new ones who are trying to grow their businesses. But enterprise technology isn’t always super affordable. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful apps on the market that are still at Black Friday prices. These are the final hours of these sales, though, so get on them now. Just use code BFSAVE40 to score an extra 40 percent off. Read more.

Move Makers Consulting Equips Entrepreneurs with ‘Practical’ Strategies for Social Media Success

At the onset of the pandemic, Lamonte Lans, also known as “Monty”, was among the brilliant minds who quickly realized that the dynamics of entrepreneurship would never be the same again. He described the global circumstance as a “wake up call” for entrepreneurs to embrace innovative ways in reaching out to their consumers. Hence, Monty built Move Makers Consulting to help businesses and individuals grow and scale their success on Instagram. Read more.

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