Acceler8Success Cafe Mental Health & Well-being Edition Tuesday 12.15.20

COVID-19’s Ripple Effect on Mental Health and Addiction

Typically, the holiday season means end-of-the-year corporate parties, family gatherings, and festive get-togethers with friends. But the holidays in 2020 will look very different. As the coronavirus numbers increase, schools are returning to remote learning, offices are sending staff back to work from home, and the fear of another lockdown is on everyone’s mind. People are being encouraged to stick to their “COVID pods” and embrace more intimate gatherings, with virtual parties sprinkled in. 

2020 has presented a host of challenges, and there is a grave concern for what the mental health effects on our society are going to look like in a post-COVID era. Read more.

2020 has presented a host of challenges, and there is a grave concern for what the mental health effects on our society are going to look like in a post-COVID era.

A Science-Based Technique for Coping With Stress

Do you wish to be able to manage difficult emotions more successfully, make wiser decisions, and deal better with socially stressful situations? Psychological science has discovered a simple technique that may help you do just that. It is called distanced self-talk.

Distanced self-talk “leverages the structure of language to promote emotion regulation by cueing people to reflect on the self using parts of speech (i.e., names and non–first-person pronouns) that are typically used to refer to other people.” Read more.

How to Set Goals Amid Chaos

Loss is all around us: loss of life, lost jobs, lost workspaces, lost school structures and routines. These aren’t just a logistical inconvenience; they’re a health risk. Prolonged, elevated levels of stress like so many of us have experienced this year can wreak havoc on brains and bodies, affecting everything from memory and cognition to digestive issues and high blood pressure. Read more.

Why The Most Productive People Do These Six Things Every Day

Of all our available resources, everyone has the same number of hours in a day. Some, however, happen to get more done. Are they faster or smarter? Do they have more help? Perhaps. But they’ve also learned tricks that can help them stretch time and eliminate the unimportant.

Here are six things super-productive people do every day to maximize their results and success: Read more.

The U.S. Child-Care Crisis Is Torturing Parents and the Economy

It didn’t seem possible that the U.S. child-care crisis could get much worse. Then came the pandemic, and parents were thrust into full-time caregiving roles for months on end. Beyond being stressful and exhausting, that reality has forced millions of parents, mostly mothers, to make tough decisions about how much to work, if at all. Read more.

In 2020, Fear Has Been a Driving Force – A Note from Paul Segreto, Founder, Acceler8Success

Certainly, 2020 has had many uncertainties which, quite frankly took us on an emotional roller coaster. Mostly, the driving force has been fear. I’ve realized my own fear once I was able to admit being scared. Hey, at my age and the fact I’m not in good shape, I must be realistic. So, I’ve worked through my fear and in doing so, maybe I can overcome it. As fear is such a strong emotion that easily grips the soul, it will take time and patience to overcome such a grip.

Little by little I look forward to continuing to pry it away as fear is replaced by courage gained from confidence that fear is just a challenge to be conquered. The great thing is that some of the challenges don’t have to be tackled alone. Instead, collaborative efforts aligned with common goals truly exemplify the phrase, ‘strength in numbers’ and it’s that strength that ultimately conquers fear. Easier said than done? Possibly, but the alternative is being overwhelmed by fear and that, I’ve recognized is not living.

Need to talk through your fears, to determine how to tackle challenges you’re facing and, to clear your mind so you can explore possibilities? If so, I’d like to help. Please contact me on LinkedIn or drop me a note at No obligation! And, no one else needs to know!

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Talk About Their Mental Health

72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues compared to just 48% of non entrepreneurs. That’s according to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health. 49% of entrepreneurs deal with mental health issues directly while only 32% of others experienced them. Similarly, 23% of entrepreneurs have family members who face these issues compared to just 16% of others with family members who face these same types of issues. Read more.

50 Tough Questions You Never Ask Yourself, But Should

With the dawn of every New Year, pledges are made by hopefuls everywhere to do or change something big in their life and business. Most of these commitments are shelved or forgotten altogether soon after we ring in that very same New Year.

An annual attempt at implementing meaningful change isn’t the answer. It’s a commitment to continual, deep levels of introspection that brings successful, happy people to the top. If you want results, begin with what’s on the inside instead of pushing to control what’s on the outside. Read more.

4 Ways to Find Passion and Purpose in Your Life

Let me paint you a picture. You arrive at work tired from a restless night worrying about a high-stakes proposal or how to ask for a well-deserved raise. A single glance at your stuffed inbox and your message button blinking a menacing shade of red makes your pulse quicken with anxiety. It’s been months since you’ve had time to let off steam at the gym.

You pause to wonder what it would be like to use the 30-plus vacation days you’ve accrued over the past two years. Or to have a job that offered flexibility, respect and empowerment.

With the morning’s first meeting starting in minutes, there’s no time to linger on that daydream. Instead, you hammer out emails that begin, “Sorry for the delayed response, but I’ve been crazy busy.” It’s barely 8 a.m. and you’re already overwhelmed. Your body aches with fatigue. Sound familiar? Read more.

If You’re Searching for Purpose, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

We are all searching for a purpose, a career and a life that really matter. So if you feel stuck, trapped or hopeless—if you want more—ask yourself these five questions to get your life back on track: Read more.

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