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Overcoming pandemic fatigue: How to re-energize organizations for the long run

Pandemic fatigue: it’s plaguing organizations and employees right now. In 2020, we’ve endured a global pandemic, a massive economic crisis, and widespread social unrest. Layer on top of that forces that are fundamentally reshaping societies—technological innovation, business-model disruption, societal inequality, and workforce automation—and it’s clear that an epidemic of stress has been building, with the COVID-19 crisis as the tipping point. Read more.

4 Things Dogs Can Teach Us About Franchise Entrepreneurship

There sure are a lot of business-related sayings about dogs! If you’re one of the millions of Americans with a dog at home, there’s a good chance your furry friend can teach you a thing or two about franchise entrepreneurship. Read more.

Entrepreneurs and corporate leaders unite in support of Black-owned businesses

When Jasper Kuria considers strategies for addressing racial inequity and social injustice in the U.S., he puts support of Black entrepreneurs at the top of the list.

“It’s really about wealth inequality and opportunities for the Black community,” said Kuria. “And when you think about the massive wealth gap between the Black community and the white folks, it’s really about business ownership.” Read more.

Entrepreneurship 101 for Customer-Centric Leaders and Those Who Want to Be

Entrepreneurs and startups intuitively understand the need to connect their products and services to the needs of the market—because if you haven’t identified a specific need and aligned your offerings to meet it, you have little chance of success. Read more.

Why Schools Should Teach Entrepreneurship

While society innovates, our K-12 schools have remained stagnant. As a result, they are not graduating the doers, makers and cutting-edge thinkers the world needs. Certainly, some public and private schools are modernizing — having students work in groups to solve problems, learn online and integrate science with the arts. But most institutions do not teach what should be the centerpiece of a contemporary education: entrepreneurship, the capacity to not only start companies but also to think creatively and ambitiously. Read more.

The Best Children’s Books About Entrepreneurship For Kids

A lot of parents (myself included) are always looking for ways to expand our children’s mind – especially when it comes to entrepreneurship. If you are eager to teach your kids about being a business owner, there are a few books that stand out. I sat down with Eevi Jones, an award winning & bestselling children’s book author, and the founder of Children’s Book University™, to get her take on what makes a children’s book great for budding entrepreneurs. She has extensive experience turning complex business concepts into lessons even a 5-year-old can grasp. Read more.

Group aims to launch new generation of Main Street entrepreneurs

During this crisis, small businesses are struggling to return to pre-pandemic levels, with hundreds of thousands of businesses permanently closed.

Even before the public health crisis, entrepreneurs faced substantial barriers to success. Most would-be entrepreneurs have limited access to capital, and this problem is worse for minorities, who are twice as likely to be denied loans, more likely to receive lower loan amounts, and pay higher interest rates than their white peers. These barriers to entry are also stark in low-income areas, where there are proportionally fewer self-employed workers and small businesses. Read more.

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