Maintain Work Life Balance

Often, Saturday mornings feel like a much-needed rest stop after driving all day. You know the feeling, right?

You come to a stop and take a deep breath as your arms drop from the steering wheel. It’s then you feel the tenseness in your hands from gripping the wheel tighter than you had realized. A stretch before exiting the car helps the transition from the focus required as you managed your three-thousand-pound vehicle through traffic, turns, sudden stops, other drivers, less than ideal weather conditions, etc.

Upon exiting your vehicle, you stretch once again – this time just a bit longer as you work out the slight pains in your neck or knees. Maybe even a couple of sharp twists of the neck, without even realizing what has really become a habit of sorts – a routine to transition to relaxation and to your next steps, whatever those may be.

Saturdays are key to the transition from the past week. It’s key to the maintaining work-life balance that is essential to your well-being, and to your success. Sometimes, forcing yourself into the right mindset to establish a sense of calm is necessary. Determining ways to do so is essential.

Now you’re ready to move through the day of different activities that will take you further away from the mental weight of the work week. Whether it’s physical work in the yard or a heart-pounding bicycle ride or even a stroll through the mall, you’ll be recharging your batteries while re-energizing your mind.

Have you ever felt your computer was just a bit faster after restarting? And have you ever sensed your car drove just a bit better after washing it? One is actually a real experience while the other is perception, and that’s perfectly okay as both are positive experiences, each in their own way.

I believe Saturdays are “mindset” days. The song, Saturday in the Park by Chicago seems to pop into my mind quite often and for me, epitomizes that mindset, especially the last lines of the lyrics…

“People reaching, people touching. A real celebration. Waiting for us all. If we want it, really want it. Can you dig it (yes, I can)? And I’ve been waiting such a long time. For the day, yeah, yeah.”

I strongly recommend taking a few minutes to sit back right now and listen to the entire song or better yet, watch this video. I believe you’ll find your feet tapping to the melody as you visualize the experience, and wait for it, you’ll begin to smile. Trust me. It will happen!!

How to Improve Your Work-Life Balance Today

Relaxed. Recharged. Re-energized. I’m now ready for Sunday.

To many, Sunday is considered the end of the weekend. To me, it’s the start of a new week, a new beginning.

I love the quiet and solitude of Sunday mornings as I awake by 4AM. I use the time to think about possibilities as I catch up on reading, reviewing the many publications, newsletters & blogs to which I subscribe. Sunday afternoons are typically reserved for family time.

Preparing for the week ahead is reserved for Sunday evenings and typically takes me well into the night. This ensures a stress-free start to the week ahead and goes a long way toward achieving goals. Doing so actually helps plan for free evenings during the week. This allows me to maintain a work-life balance as family commitments & events are firmly in place on my calendar, not to be interrupted by work.

7 Ways Successful Entrepreneurs Refuel Over the Weekend

Here’s to a great weekend and a productive stress-free week ahead. Please share this with others as there are far too many that have a difficult time managing stress and especially so during what are seemingly uncertain times.