“Why?” Question or Mindset?

Many nights I find myself tossing, turning and just staring into the darkness, thinking about and questioning the past two years. Having read so much during what was/is one of the worst extended periods in history, and even of late about people with once successful businesses having closed and continuing to close their doors for good, it all has me questioning, “Why?”.

Sure, we were (and many people believe we’re still) in the midst of a pandemic, but sometimes I feel like we just gave up, gave in, having allowed ourselves to have our hands tied, just waiting for the music to stop to determine who will be left without a chair. So much still doesn’t make sense. I recall the phrase, “essential businesses”… I reflect back to how that had been determined, defined, interpreted, and I still ponder, “Why?”

Some had joked that the next stop would be the real version of the Hunger Games and crazy as it seemed, I recall how I started to see how that may have been true. I remember thinking it was like a big leveling of the playing field – break the legs of some while leaving others to survive only to have the would-be survivors face additional challenges. I still feel like that today as the news of the day spotlights the war in Ukraine, inflation, protests, crime, and just over the past few days, baby formula shortages! Again, I find myself asking, “Why?”.

Does any of this make sense? Does anything make sense? Is there [really] a light at the end of the tunnel that’s more than just an opening to a perilous drop akin to what Dr. Richard Kimble faced in The Fugitive when he had to make a split-second decision to jump off the dam and face almost certain death or just give up despite his convictions? Despite glimmers of hope, I still can’t throw caution to the wind and just forget about what was and shift my thoughts to what could be. Especially, as just yesterday I heard on the news about the possibility of new mask mandates! I feel like a bullhorn is screaming in my ear, “Why?”

I’m not looking to debate. I’m not trying to understand conspiracy theories. I just want to move forward, fulfill my obligations as a businessman and work through a comeback (and reinvention) from a couple of less than satisfying years that of late has truly started to once again show signs of promise. I want to fulfill my obligations as a friend, colleague and partner, and of course, as a husband, father and grandfather. I want to work to help others achieve their goals. You may ask me, “Why?”.

It’s because I want to [continue to] believe that as Americans, we can overcome any challenge – provided we work together toward common goals. Of course, I know we’re a long way off with many glaring differences that often feel like deep chasms to cross, rough waters to navigate, but not being able to see the other side. Blindly, we [attempt to] move forward much like the pilgrims as they were determined to settle in the new land, America, and with it, freedom. Dare I say I still have hope all can come together? Confused, I ask myself, “Why?”.

Well, I want to hug my loved ones, confidently knowing they have a bright, safe future ahead. I want them to know they can do all that they put their minds to, confidently knowing no one will prevent them from doing so. I want them to understand they will face challenges, but they will always have the opportunity (without external resistance) to overcome those challenges. I want them to achieve success but without contrived, intentionally placed barriers that will have them shaking their heads in disbelief as they ask themselves, “Why?”.

I want them to experience life with limitless possibilities. A life that allows them to realize opportunities, and one that affords them the ability to capitalize accordingly – all for an even better life for themselves and for all their loved ones. But more than anything, I want them to experience freedom in and around all they would like to achieve – their wishes, hopes and dreams. That’s why!