Wrapping up Mental Health Awareness Month

Certainly, the past couple of year has had us facing many uncertainties which, quite frankly took us on an emotional roller coaster. Mostly, the driving force has been fear. I’ve realized my own fear once I was able to admit being scared. Hey, at my age and the fact I’m not in good shape, I must be realistic. So, I’ve worked through my fear and in doing so, maybe I can overcome it. As fear is such a strong emotion that easily grips the soul, it will take time and patience to overcome such a grip.

Little by little I look forward to continuing to pry it away as fear is replaced by courage gained from confidence that fear is just a challenge to be conquered. The great thing is that some of the challenges don’t have to be tackled alone. Instead, collaborative efforts aligned with common goals truly exemplify the phrase, ‘strength in numbers’ and it’s that strength that ultimately conquers fear. Easier said than done? Possibly, but the alternative is being overwhelmed by fear and that, I’ve recognized is not living.

Need to talk through your fears, to determine how to tackle challenges you’re facing and, to clear your mind so you can explore possibilities? If so, I’d like to help. Please contact me on LinkedIn or drop me a note at paul@acceler8success.com. No obligation! And no one else needs to know!

Here are links to two articles published this earlier month on this newsletter that I feel are appropriate to share as we wrap up Mental Health Awareness Month.

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Thanks for reading Acceler8Success Cafe. All my best for a safe, peaceful Memorial Day Weekend. Have a great day (and weekend). Make it happen. Make it count.