Weekly Review May 22-28

Sunday at Acceler8Success Cafe is the time for looking back over the past week. It’s a time for review as with so much going on at Acceler8Success Cafe I know it’s easy to miss a newsletter or two. Possibly my Question of the Week slipped by without you noticing, or an announcement I may have made just seemingly got lost amongst the busy news feed.

Just like an experience at your local cafe, I really want Acceler8Success Cafe to be conveniently located when you desire or need to relax, enjoy a cup of coffee, and catch up on some reading. My goal is for Acceler8Success Cafe to be your virtual cafe. A place where you may frequently visit to enjoy a few minutes to yourself. I’d like the experience to be memorable by providing learning opportunities, by presenting a different perspective & insight, by spurring thought & reflection, by encouraging interaction, and by spotlighting topics that, frankly, may not be as front and center as they should or need to be.

Acceler8Success Cafe is open for business seven days a week. For the benefit of current & aspiring entrepreneurs, this daily newsletter is delivered each morning. As a way to jumpstart the week ahead, a weekly review is delivered each Sunday morning listing and linking to the articles you might have missed during the previous week. My goal is to provide an opportunity for you to begin the new week informed and with ideas that possibly could accelerate your success.

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Personal Branding: It’s More Than a Buzz Phrase!

The process of personal branding involves finding your uniqueness, building a reputation on the things you want to be known for, and then allowing yourself to be known for them. Ultimately, the goal is to create something that conveys a message and that can be monetized.

“You You You” is as Important as “Location Location Location”

“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” – Jason Hartman

Personal Branding for: (sales or biz dev title here)

This week as I’m focusing on Personal Branding, my thoughts wandered back to 2012 when I presented at the Franchise Brokers Association Conference & Expo. My presentation was appropriately titled, Personal Branding for Franchise Brokers. I recall many questions that essentially asked the same thing – What is personal branding and why is it important to me as a franchise broker or franchise salesperson (or business development professional)?

Question of the Week: How important do you believe personal branding is today?

Personal Branding Through Uncharted Waters

Economic uncertainty. Recession. Failing business. All would certainly depict challenging times, if not devastating times. For most, these are unchartered waters. Certainly, giving up is not the answer. Or, at the very least, it shouldn’t be the only option. So, how can personal branding help navigate through rough seas until the waters calm down again?

Entrepreneurs and Holiday Weekends

We often hear about entrepreneurs being incessant about working long hours, never taking a day off, missing family functions, and essentially not having lives outside their own minds, and their work. Many have asked me if all of that is true?

Wrapping up Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month is coming to an end. Hopefully, we’ve all learned a little more about mental health than we did before. Truly, it needs to be front and center, and we must all do our part to recognize and address it however we can for ourselves, as well as for others.

Remembering the tragic event in Uvlade, TX

Words cannot describe my thoughts and the sadness I feel… It’s all so senseless. How? Why? Both repeat through my mind. I think about these poor people – and of course, the children! I cry for them and their loved ones. I think of my own grandchildren – OMG I couldn’t even begin to imagine… it’s true that in an instant, life can change forever.

Instead of sharing our thoughts & prayers as we do EVERY time we hear about a tragic event, especially, seemingly after a mass shooting involving children, I’ve chosen to promote kindness to honor the victims and their families. Maybe, just maybe, by spreading acts of kindness, we can change the tide of isolation, loneliness, despair, hopelessness, lawlessness, godlessness, and yes, evil that ultimately is behind these dreadful, heartless acts. What we do makes a difference. Let’s all do our part, one act of kindness at a time.

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Have a great day (and week ahead). Make it happen. Make it count!