Successful Entrepreneurs Make Time to Achieve Work Life Balance

It’s hard to believe Christmas is two weeks away. Many will, or already have shut down until after the ball drops in Times Square. But for current and aspiring entrepreneurs that’s most likely not the case.

All of the basic definitions and descriptions of being an entrepreneur aside, questions come to mind…

Even with work life balance seemingly achieved, can entrepreneurs actually shut down for extended periods of time? Or, do entrepreneurs find or make enough time every day to keep their minds stimulated whether for motivation, inspiration, or to drive thought and creativity?

I’m of the opinion that an entrepreneur’s mind requires almost constant stimulation, even when they’re relaxing. I believe it’s the entrepreneurial mindset to be productive regardless of what they may doing on a particular day.

A successful entrepreneur is quite efficient with his or her time. Certainly, they’re not ones to waste time. On the contrary, they will make time to achieve balance, fitting in things that are important to them, but not at the expense of their goals and obligations for the day. For instance, waking up at 4AM to workout, read or meditate several hours ahead of starting the work day or before the rest of the family awakens on the weekends

It’s their efficient use of time that enables them to fit in the things an entrepreneur can’t completely shut off. Like the nourishment and health benefits gained from food, water, and exercise, an entrepreneur’s mind needs mental nourishment. This is typically gained by consuming information for knowledge or that which may provide motivation and inspiration.

Just as our bodies require food & water everyday, an entrepreneur’s mind needs frequent stimulation. And just as we snack to quell a hunger pang, an entrepreneur needs to keep his or her mind fueled accordingly.

Even reading a motivational or inspirational quote or two, or watching a five-minute video will satisfy the entrepreneur’s hunger and thirst for anything that might help in his or her business endeavors – or possibly spur a new idea. One can only imagine what created the idea for the pet rock that generated millions of dollars in sales in its very short history.

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Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!