Sunday Is My Favorite Day!

To many, Sunday is considered the end of the weekend. To me, it’s the start of a new week, a new beginning. I love the quiet and solitude of Sunday mornings as I’m awake by 5AM.

I use the time to think about possibilities as I catch up on reading, reviewing the many publications, newsletters & blogs to which I subscribe. Sunday afternoons are typically reserved for family time. Today that will include a traditional Italian family dinner at home – antipasto, lasagna, and garlic bread, all complemented with a bottle (or two) of Chianti.

Preparing for the week ahead is reserved for early Sunday evenings. This ensures a stress-free start to the week ahead. It goes a long way toward achieving goals.

Doing so actually helps plan for free evenings during the week. This allows me to maintain a work life balance as family commitments & events are firmly in place on my calendar, not to be interrupted by work. 

“Sunday. Take it slow and give your soul a chance to catch up with your body.” ~ Anonymous

The last few hours before bedtime is my time to unwind. It’s personal time. I highly recommend for others to make sure to take similar time for themselves.

Be sure to fit it in after taking care of the things you need to get done such as getting the kids to bed, putting out the trash, etc. Essentially, make your last responsibility YOU! You can do so by…

  1. Stop staring at the clock.
  2. Taking a walk.
  3. Praying for others.
  4. Counting and reflecting upon your blessings.
  5. Taking a hot bath with salts or bubbles.
  6. Reading a book.
  7. Meditating.
  8. Doing yoga.
  9. Listening to calming music.

“Let Sunday be a rainbow for the entire upcoming week.” ~ Anonymous

We don’t know what others may be going through, and especially during the holiday season when loneliness and depression are amplified. Let’s be there for them as we can. Let’s be thoughtful. Let’s be kind. Let’s be aware. Let’s make a difference.

Have a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!