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As we celebrate the long holiday weekend with friends & family, Acceler8Success Cafe will be “closed” for normal business. However, over the next few days I will share several lists of the Cafe’s popular articles with links so you have an opportunity, as time allows to get in some weekend reading. By the way, I would love to know some of your favorite articles at Acceler8Success Cafe so please, do share!

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Freedom. Choice. Balance. Entrepreneurs & Holiday Weekends!

We often hear about entrepreneurs being incessant about working long hours, never taking a day off, missing family functions, and essentially not having lives outside their own minds, and their work. Many have asked me if all of that is true?


Do you have what it takes to start a business, to be an entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur requires a combination of vision, creativity, risk-taking, adaptability, resilience, leadership, financial management, networking, and passion. While not every entrepreneur will possess all of these characteristics, having a strong foundation in these areas can greatly increase the chances of success.


Why Reading and Learning Matters for Entrepreneurs

Reading and learning can help entrepreneurs develop their critical thinking skills. By exposing themselves to different ideas and perspectives, entrepreneurs can challenge their own assumptions and beliefs, leading to more informed decision-making.


Maintaining a Healthy Work-Life Balance is Crucial for Entrepreneurs

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for entrepreneurs to achieve long-term success and happiness. Setting boundaries, prioritizing family time, scheduling downtime, delegating tasks, and planning ahead can help entrepreneurs stay organized, productive, and present during weekends and family time.


Resources & Support

The future may be a bit bumpy for some, more so for others. Knowing who to turn to and when to turn to for guidance and help is important. Having resources at your disposal is also important. So, if you hit a wall, for whatever reason, please feel free to reach out to me for assistance or even if you just need someone to talk to. Please do not hesitate.

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