What better way to start the middle day of a holiday weekend than with a cup of coffee and some easy reading!

As mentioned yesterday, as we celebrate the long holiday weekend with friends & family, Acceler8Success Cafe will be “closed” for normal business. However, I am sharing several lists of the Cafe’s popular articles with links so you have an opportunity, as time allows to get in some weekend reading. Below is today’s “easy reading” list. Enjoy!

Make it a great day. Make it happen. Make it count!

All my best, Paul.

A Simpler Life

I fondly recall entering my classroom on the first day of February in my early grades and seeing the dark silhouettes of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln on either end at the top of the long blackboard at the front of the room. Their birthdays are February 22nd and 12th, respectively. On a large side bulletin board, we were reminded of Valentine’s Day on February 14th. The decorations were vividly red hearts of all sizes.

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The Monumental Secret of Life

In 1994, just two years before he returned to Apple, Steve Jobs was interviewed by the Santa Clara Valley Historical Association. In a video excerpt from this interview, Jobs talks about his discovery of one simple, but monumental secret of life.

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Kindness Can Make a Difference in Someone’s Life. Kindness Matters!

Most people are dealing with some kind of pain on the inside. Your kindness could be what gives them the strength to make it through another day.

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Resources & Support

The future may be a bit bumpy for some, more so for others. Knowing who to turn to and when to turn to for guidance and help is important. Having resources at your disposal is also important. So, if you hit a wall, for whatever reason, please feel free to reach out to me for assistance or even if you just need someone to talk to. Please do not hesitate.

You can reach me via a LinkedIn message, by email to Paul@Acceler8Success.com, and by phone or text at (832) 797-9851.

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