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5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Ahead Over the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, most of the world is looking forward to taking a week or two off from work, spend time relaxing, vacationing and spending time with family. Not entrepreneurs!

While most sane founders do, of course, spend at least a few days soaking in the holiday cheer with their loved ones, we can’t help continuing to work on our business to prepare for an even stronger new year — especially because we know our competitors are doing the same. Read more.

As you’re shopping on November 28th #SmallBusinessSaturday please remember that some of your neighbors may own local franchises and as such, are #smallbusiness owners just the same as local Mom & Pop owned businesses. So, #shopsmall #shoplocal and #shopfranchise as you can. Learn about Small Business Saturday.

Business Ownership: Deciding If Franchising Is The Best Route For You

Currently, there are more than 30 million small business owners in the U.S., and of those, nearly 800,000 are owned franchise businesses. Although franchise owners are considered small businesses, they have a lot of advantages that go-it-alone company startups do not share. There is sometimes a substantial investment upfront to invest in a franchise; however, the benefits are numerous. 

Although some people might consider franchise owners to be the epitome of Type A personalities set to revolutionize the world, many real franchise owners might indicate quite the contrary. Franchising is a system that operates on replicating the success of others. Read more.

Pope inspires young entrepreneurs to rebuild economy

Pope Francis urged young economists, entrepreneurs and business leaders Saturday to promote post-pandemic development models that involve the poor.

Francis, in a videotaped message for a forum of young people in Assisi, Italy, said the worst reaction once the coronavirus pandemic ends would be to “fall even more deeply into feverish consumerism and forms of selfish self-protection.” Read more.

Understanding SBA Loan Types

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers an array of loans designed to give entrepreneurs a boost when starting or growing their businesses. 

These loans feature favorable interest rates, extended payback terms, and flexibility in use of proceeds. With the myriad types of loans available and complex applications, many small business owners turn to an SBA loan specialist like Benetrends to help them navigate the process.  

As seen in the recent post, SBA Loans: What They Are and How to Get Them,  understanding SBA loan types is an important step. Here is a look at the most common SBA loans, their criteria, uses, interest rates, and details. Read more.

Entrepreneurship Is Accelerating at the Fastest Rate in Decades During This Pandemic

As officials in many areas impose new pandemic lockdowns and restrictions going into the holiday season, things can seem bleak. Depression rates are up, people are fleeing cities in droves, elected leaders regularly violate their own orders, and fraud is rampant in the government’s COVID-19 stimulus programs.

It’s understandable to feel frustration and despair. But more Americans are pushing past the grimness to create and invent during this challenging time. Entrepreneurship continues to soar during the pandemic, as displaced dreamers and imaginative doers spot new opportunities and build new businesses at a record pace. It may be one of the few 2020 bright spots. Read more.

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