Acceler8Success Cafe Tuesday 12.8.20

5 Tips for Coping with Entrepreneurial Stress and Anxiety

Over the years, I’ve made several career decisions that may not have made much sense to the people around me. From quitting a steady office job to going all-in on business ideas no one else thought would work, I’ve suffered my fair share of entrepreneurial stress and anxiety. After all, living a life of financial uncertainty was not something I personally looked forward to. But then again, neither was the idea of slaving away for something that I didn’t feel passionate about. Read more.

Seasonal Depression Can Be Especially Difficult for Entrepreneurs. Here’s How to Fight It.

There’s a high cost to being an entrepreneur; it’s physically and mentally one of the most demanding things you will ever do. That’s why it has always struck me as supremely ironic that many entrepreneurs will invest everything they have in their business and ignore making any investment in their own well-being.

I’ve often likened the experience of being an entrepreneur to that of being a professional athlete in that both are endurance sports that require you to be in top physical and mental health. For anyone who hasn’t had the joy of founding, building, and running their own business, that sounds like hyperbole. For those of us who have, no further explanation is needed. Read more.

Why Being Kind to Yourself Is Key to Entrepreneurial Success

I remember sitting in the middle of a tech conference years ago when I first founded my company, JotForm. I watched as, one by one, established entrepreneurs took turns in sharing their stories of success. Every time one would get up to speak, I heard this small, nagging voice in my head tell me: You’re not good enough.

I had fallen into the trap of comparison and self-pity, which then led to a snowball effect of self-criticism. Why can’t I reach my goals faster? Why am I the only one struggling to scale up my startup? Not only was I beating myself up over my perceived shortcomings, I wasn’t seeing the whole picture. Read more.

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5 Characteristics Of Successful, Productive Entrepreneurs

What do top entrepreneurs have in common? Over the past two years, I’ve interviewed entrepreneurs across a wide variety of disciplines. While it’s difficult to find a single characteristic uniting them, several traits emerged as habits that any of us can cultivate. Read more.

If You Want to Win, Help Others Win First

From day one, we encounter competition on the playground and in the classroom. Later we compete with others for educational benefits, careers and promotions. We are wired to compete, and that often leads to a mindset of trying to “one-up” others. But truly smart achievers help others win, which directly impacts the speed of results they experience. Read more.

Seven Questions To Determine If Entrepreneurship Is The Right Path For You

The stories of how entrepreneurs such as Jack Ma and Jeff Bezos started off on their journeys are widely known. Jack Ma, for example, was rejected from every job he applied to before he built e-commerce giant Alibaba.

But often people attribute their success, and the success of other entrepreneurs, to talents and business skills alone. These factors did contribute immensely to the success they achieved; however, that’s not where the story ends. Read more.

“Sometimes we just need a break, shutting out everything around us, not caring who may be watching. It’s good for the body, mind & soul. It also helps to regroup and refocus on moving forward – building upon successes and exploring possibilities – doing things right AND doing the right things. A break is good time to think it all through. As timing is everything, now is the perfect time for a break, followed by the time to make things happen!”

Paul Segreto, Founder, Acceler8Success

Possibilities Become Opportunities

Accelerate your success by thinking far outside the box that your ideas stand alone, causing others to question possibilities. The ideas, outlandish as they may be would make such a significant positive impact that others would be ‘forced’ to consider a new realm of thought. Ultimately, possibilities become opportunities. Watch video.

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