Acceler8Success Cafe Tuesday 11.24.20

6 Reasons to Appreciate Entrepreneurship This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is upon us once again, a time when Americans eat delicious food, spend time with family, and (hopefully) step away from work. And as always, it’s the perfect opportunity to reflect on what you’re grateful for.

And why not? After all, gratitude has been proven to increase health and happiness. In fact, studies have shown that people who practice gratitude experience fewer aches and pains, feel healthier, are more resilient, and even sleep better than those who don’t. Thanksgiving or not, everyone should make a habit of practicing gratitude. Read more.

If you’re traveling this holiday week, please stay safe. Take extra time if you’re driving. Be patient if traveling by plane. And, be alert if vacationing. Enjoy. #Thanksgiving #travel #staysafe

Franchises are Small Business Too!

Franchises are small business just like Mom & Pop businesses on Main Street, USA. And, just like those independent business owners, franchise owners take entrepreneurial risk, invest their life savings, work long hours, give back to their local communities, compete with big box retailers and much more.#SmallBusinessSaturday #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #ShopFranchise #DineSmall #DineLocal #DineFranchise

45 facts about small businesses in America

Data from 2017 and 2018 showed that fewer than 80% of businesses make it beyond their first year, while only around half survive for at least five years or more. In 2019 small businesses provided employment for nearly 60 million workers, and the pressure of making payroll every week can be decimating if sales don’t meet expectations. And that was before the pandemic took its toll, shuttering thousands of small businesses, some closing temporarily but many for good. Small Business Saturday—when independent sellers hold sales and specials to attract holiday shoppers away from Amazon and big-box retailers—falls on Nov. 28 this year. Supporting these businesses has quite possibly never been more important. Read more.

Entrepreneur’s Thanksgiving: Reasons to be thankful in running a business

Thanksgiving is such a special time, and for those of us who have been fortunate enough to be able to start a business, we have more to be thankful for than ever. I was thinking of my own life as an entrepreneur and CEO of CorpNet. Every day running a business, marketing my business, working with my treasured small business employees and customers, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for so many things. Read more.

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Ease the Inevitable Holiday Stress

For the better part of my life — well into my adult years — I celebrated the holiday season much like Ralphie in Christmas Story. I welcomed the season by hanging holiday lights, starting Christmas music as early as Thanksgiving and re-watching every classic Christmas movie all month. It was the time of year that I allowed myself the indulgence of acting much younger than my years reflected.

Then something happened that changed all of this for me. I became an entrepreneur. Read more.

Entrepreneurs: What Are You Most Thankful For?

“As an entrepreneur, I am most grateful to those first few customers who took a chance on us during the early days. The first customers are far and away the hardest to secure. Every enterprise startup needs a first customer who believes enough in the startup idea to look past startup risks and is willing to invest into the future potential of the product. Thank you!”

Marius Moscovici, Founder & CEO, Metric Insights

More quotes by Entrepreneurs.

Acceler8Success Cafe Monday 11.23.20

5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Get Ahead Over the Holidays

With the holidays coming up, most of the world is looking forward to taking a week or two off from work, spend time relaxing, vacationing and spending time with family. Not entrepreneurs!

While most sane founders do, of course, spend at least a few days soaking in the holiday cheer with their loved ones, we can’t help continuing to work on our business to prepare for an even stronger new year — especially because we know our competitors are doing the same. Read more.

As you’re shopping on November 28th #SmallBusinessSaturday please remember that some of your neighbors may own local franchises and as such, are #smallbusiness owners just the same as local Mom & Pop owned businesses. So, #shopsmall #shoplocal and #shopfranchise as you can. Learn about Small Business Saturday.

Business Ownership: Deciding If Franchising Is The Best Route For You

Currently, there are more than 30 million small business owners in the U.S., and of those, nearly 800,000 are owned franchise businesses. Although franchise owners are considered small businesses, they have a lot of advantages that go-it-alone company startups do not share. There is sometimes a substantial investment upfront to invest in a franchise; however, the benefits are numerous. 

Although some people might consider franchise owners to be the epitome of Type A personalities set to revolutionize the world, many real franchise owners might indicate quite the contrary. Franchising is a system that operates on replicating the success of others. Read more.

Pope inspires young entrepreneurs to rebuild economy

Pope Francis urged young economists, entrepreneurs and business leaders Saturday to promote post-pandemic development models that involve the poor.

Francis, in a videotaped message for a forum of young people in Assisi, Italy, said the worst reaction once the coronavirus pandemic ends would be to “fall even more deeply into feverish consumerism and forms of selfish self-protection.” Read more.

Understanding SBA Loan Types

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) offers an array of loans designed to give entrepreneurs a boost when starting or growing their businesses. 

These loans feature favorable interest rates, extended payback terms, and flexibility in use of proceeds. With the myriad types of loans available and complex applications, many small business owners turn to an SBA loan specialist like Benetrends to help them navigate the process.  

As seen in the recent post, SBA Loans: What They Are and How to Get Them,  understanding SBA loan types is an important step. Here is a look at the most common SBA loans, their criteria, uses, interest rates, and details. Read more.

Entrepreneurship Is Accelerating at the Fastest Rate in Decades During This Pandemic

As officials in many areas impose new pandemic lockdowns and restrictions going into the holiday season, things can seem bleak. Depression rates are up, people are fleeing cities in droves, elected leaders regularly violate their own orders, and fraud is rampant in the government’s COVID-19 stimulus programs.

It’s understandable to feel frustration and despair. But more Americans are pushing past the grimness to create and invent during this challenging time. Entrepreneurship continues to soar during the pandemic, as displaced dreamers and imaginative doers spot new opportunities and build new businesses at a record pace. It may be one of the few 2020 bright spots. Read more.

Our goal is to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs architect a plan of continuous accelerated movement toward a pinnacle of desired success, even if and when previously thought to be unattainable. This process has been developed around our proven e-IDEA (explore, identify, develop, execute & analyze) methodology. Deployed effectively, it is key to sustainability and ultimately, to success… Acceler8Success! Learn more.

Acceler8Success Cafe Weekly Recap 11.22.20

Today’s edition of Acceler8Success Cafe for Sunday 11.22.20 is our Weekly Recap where we share links to each day’s newsletter from the previous week and a preview of that day’s most popular shared article. We’re pleased to report that the relaunch of Acceler8Success Cafe has been a success as evident by the increasing numbers in views on and shares from our site, across social media and from the many messages received. Thank you to all our readers and previous and new subscribers for helping to put Acceler8Success Cafe on the road to success!

Monday 11.16.20

How Being An Entrepreneur Outside of Your Business Life Creates Success

You can find entrepreneurs in everyday people, the kind of people you see at the grocery store, and in your neighborhoods. Everyone has entrepreneurship inside of them; it’s just how they use it. Some of these people create opportunities for their business, and others create opportunities for their life. Very few people can do both.  

David Baker is one of the people who live an equally exciting business and personal life. An author, speaker, and advisor of entrepreneurial experts, this guest on Making Bank is a successful man who launched a 25-year career of advising experts in their fields. Being called the “experts’ expert,” Baker is here to discuss how his life is just as exciting outside of his work life, how when you get caught up in current success it can cause damage. Read more.

Tuesday 11.17.20

3 Tips for Solopreneurs to Stay Ahead in a Constantly Changing World

Sodan Selva was on the fast track early in his career. He went to grad school, studied economic development and landed a job in investment banking.

But his dream wasn’t to be an investment banker. His dream, from the time he was 9, was to be a musician. So he saved up his money as an investment banker, then quit his job and struck out on his own. It’s the stuff legends are made of—the young and passionate dreamer turning his back on the cushy and safe but also stuffy and boring desk job to carve his own path, to follow the road less traveled, to chase the muse that had grown in his heart since he was a young boy.  

Two decades later, Selva’s analysis of this first bold move of his career is succinct: “That was my first majorly failed entrepreneurial adventure. It was all passion, no product market fit.” Read more.

Wednesday 11.18.20

This Is An Entrepreneurs Surefire Weapon Against Burnout

Entrepreneurs are responsible for forging their paths forward in business, but that can lead to burnout, fast.

The best way for entrepreneurs to fight against burnout is by developing emotional intelligence. Here are a few ways this commonly misunderstood soft skill will help protect your mental health and transform your day-to-day. Developing emotional intelligence will help you… Read more.

Thursday 11.19.20 Special Franchising Edition

6 Ways Being in a Franchise System Helped Me Survive Covid-19

Want to know one of the most difficult decisions I have ever made as a small business owner? Whether or not to become a franchisor and turn my brand into a franchise system. Turning Code Wiz into a franchise system came with many hard moments that challenged me as an entrepreneur. But becoming a franchise system has also rewarded me in ways I could have never even imagined. The other thing I could have never imagined? Living through a global pandemic as a business owner and leader. 

But here I am. The proud owner of a franchise business and a survivor of 8-months of Covid-19 and the health and economic impacts it created. I am grateful every day – for both the health of my family and that I turned my business into a franchise. Because turning my business into a franchise system helped it survive Covid-19. Read more.

Friday 11.20.20

How we can revive entrepreneurial courage in America

Thirty years ago, Fortune Magazine ran a story proclaiming much hope and optimism that our nation was in “a golden age for entrepreneurs” that makes these “the best of times for launching a business in the U.S.

The evidence in 1990 was clear: Our economy was expanding, with new opportunities for new-starts. Personal capital was plentiful. And the power of the computer had leveled the playing field for the smallest of businesses. Read more.

Saturday 11.21.20

What Does Entrepreneurial Freedom Mean to You?

For many people, one of the main motivations behind starting their own business is the idea of the freedom it represents. In many ways, this is quite a bizarre concept because most of the small business owners I know are also some of the hardest working people I know. Despite this, I know very few who, once they have made the leap, would go back to the 9 to 5.

Entrepreneurial freedom is about so much more than escaping the same old, same old of the working day. It’s about being the master of your own destiny and reaping the rewards of your own endeavours. Read more.

Our goal is to help current and aspiring entrepreneurs architect a plan of continuous accelerated movement toward a pinnacle of desired success, even if and when previously thought to be unattainable. This process has been developed around our proven e-IDEA (explore, identify, develop, execute & analyze) methodology. Deployed effectively, it is key to sustainability and ultimately, to success… Acceler8Success! Learn more.